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Shane Marriott

Shane Marriott (54)

Shane has a hunger for adventure that neither his wallet, free time nor other-half will support. Ever the optimist, after riding a Suzuki Bandit 600 for a few years and completing a Level 1 Advanced course at the "World of BMW" school in Wales he has put his money where is mouth is and invested in a brand new, fully spec'd BMW R1200GS Adventure ("30 Years GS" version). It is planned that this awesome machine will take him round Iceland, help him win the HUMM event and get safely to the beer festival in Germany! So; is Shane ready for the Adventure? I think we need to ask if the Adventure is ready for him?


Graham Styles a.k.a. Brainrotting is nearly a hero of ours.

Our Favourites

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Project Pegaso - Under construction

Project Turd is officially called "Project Pegaso". Full details can be found on the project page under "The Bikes" up in the main menu!

Machineart Moto MudSling

The Machineart Moto MudSling is a direct replacement for the standard R1200GS rear shock mud guard. It is much larger and when fitted will protect the rear shock, the battery and the ECU from the usual gunk chucked up from the road, trail or,…

Bucket List Tour 2010

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Bristol Bungee Jump

We have arrived in Bristol for the bungee jumping. Should be a good laugh. Pictured is Leigh screaming like a girl... Just kidding... We took it like men!! What a rush! There will be more to see in the video when we get back…

Channel Tunnel

We have arrived in the UK after a 35 minute train journey. The Eurotunnel was really simple even though we had to buy return tickets since they are half the price of a one way... figure that out.

Dinner in france

So we completed one of our challenges and had dinner in France. After our dessert of strawberry cake rolls, Dave had to repair the front left indicator on the Bandit after it was damaged in a slight horizontal mishap in Belgium. Not a bad…

It's Tuesday so this must be Belgium

We have just left the Spa racing circuit and are having a bite of lunch here in Belgium. Pictured is Dave's Double Bicky Burger! So lunch in Belgium complete... On to France for dinner!

Nurburgring... Done

After an early start and a 5 hour ride we made it to our guest house where we unloaded the panniers and headed straight for the Nurburgring. We had time for 1 lap of the course and it was amazing. View Nurburgring in a…