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A ride in the Himalayas

For as long as I have been riding a bike now I have been wanting to take one of the motorcycle trips run by the team at Global Enduro. In fact it was whilst browsing the site of Enduro Himalaya after a few beers one night that I actually started working towards getting a bike licence but that’s another story :-). Recently I have just signed up to take part in the August expedition from Leh to Shimla which will involve 16 days of travelling and travelling on Royal Enfields on roads and mountain passes up to 5000m above sea level.

The site describes the expedition as follows:

If you visit the Himalayas on your own it will blow your mind – but to come and be a part of Enduro Himalaya with the foremost guide and support team in existence you will be exposed to a route that no other tour operator dares to tackle.

We will ride roads that have been closed to the public for decades, we will sleep by huge roaring fires at the mercy of vast sapphire lit rivers and awe-inspiring snow clad peaks. If you’re lucky enough to wake in the night you may hear bears calling to each other, each morning you will feel more alive than you have ever felt – This place is so heavily charged with the earths power that you simply cannot be here and stay the same.

Each night we rest our heads in weird and wonderful locations, these include 1000 year old monasteries, strange ancient temples (once used for human sacrifice) and wild isolated mountain wilderness. We ride as high as a snow leopard and tread as carefully as mice as we take on treacherous tunnels way up in the mountains and wind our way through the pristine and remote ranges of the Tibet / India border. We take these risks not to escape life but to prevent life escaping us – come and be a part of this ultimate biking adventure.

So far I have been busy preparing a list of the things I need to do to prepare and new kit to buy which should translate into a few more reviews of new kit from me in the coming months.

Only 209 days left till departure and counting!

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Leigh Brookes

Leigh was the last of the group to join the motorcycling fraternity. Rarely the first to leap but not one to be left behind, Leigh has taken the plunge and got himself fully licenced up. He is not what you might think of as a typical biker but you can imagine him pottering through the lanes on a sunny summers day on a 1970s triumph with a tin pot helmet, goggles and a white scarf flying behind him.