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Early Morning Frost

The last leg of the trip was a returning to Weymouth to catch the ferry home. Apart from it being exceedingly cold at 7am on a clear February morning, the journey was pretty uneventful. Once again I was glad of the heated grips and for the thermal base-layer that we’d invested in before going on holiday.

I think I may have also annoyed a lorry driver as I got fed up of riding along at 50mph on a section of road with a double-white line down the middle, so I decided to overtake on a clear section of road that was straight for about a mile. This resulted in hooting and flashing lights from the lorry but what do I care, I was long gone!

Getting closer to Weymouth and the bike proved how, despite being big and heavy with two people and lots of luggage, it can still weave in and out of traffic.

At the ferry we met a guy who was taking his bike back to Jersey. It was a gorgeous BMW R1100S in Boxer Cup replica colours. He had been keeping it in a friend’s garage but need to move it. The day before he found out he need a battery for it and, having managed to get hold of one, discovered that you need to remove the whole of the front fairings to replace the battery. Luckily for him he managed it in time and made it to the boat in time. I’m glad to say that changing the battery on the R1200GS on requires removing the seat and a cross-head screwdriver.

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Aidy has been riding motorbikes since just after he left university in 2003. His first bike was a 1988 Suzuki GSX-R750 bought for £1000. His second bike was a Suzuki GSF600 Bandit, bought for his adventure to Norway in 2005. Two years later he sold the Bandit to Shane (for him to learn on) and upgrade to a BMW R1200GS... which was promptly trashed one month later by a SMIDSY. Having had the R1200GS repaired, Aidy has spent the next three years giving it a damn good thrashing off-road. 2011 saw the R1200GS take to the remote tracks and desert pistes of Morocco... it managed to keep up with the 650 enduro bikes that make up the rest of the group and made it back to Guernsey in (mostly) one piece. In January 2012, he traded in the R1200GS for a new R1200GS Adventure, planning to use the Pegaso 650 for off-road racing. However, the lure of smaller enduro bikes proved too strong and in April 2012 purchased a BMS G450X