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Project Pegaso


Pegaso Fueling The RideAround team acquired an Aprilia Pegaso 650 at the beginning of January 2011. The idea is to turn it into a beast of an off-roading machine that will allow us to work on our skills without worry about damaging our beloved GSs.

The bike requires some work on it to get it up to our usual *cough* high standard. The basics that need to be done are:

  • Brake pads – there are no rear brake pads at the moment!
  • Spark plugs – the bike hasn’t been run for over a year
  • Oil filter – again, because the bike could probably do with an oil change
  • Brake lever – ok, that might be my fault, it just came apart in my hand!
  • Tyres – you can’t go off-roading without knobblies

The bike set us back a whopping £100. The aim is to get the bike off-road worthy for less that £300, which leaves £200 for parts!