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BMW R1200GS Adventure

The R 1200 GS Adventure ‘30 Years GS’ model celebrates the anniversary of the most successful BMW model series ever.

The R 1200 GS Adventure is the successor of the R 80 GS Paris-Dakar model , which increased its long-distance capabilities with an enlarged fuel tank. The special edition model features white bodywork with red & blue ‘30 Years GS’ graphic, red seat with three-dimensional embossed GS logo, large hand protectors and aluminium engine guard.


BMW R1200GS (Yellow)The BMW R1200GS breezed into the motorcycle world in 2004 and changed it forever. It’s a genuine all-round motorcycle that’s equally at home on a trackday as it is on a grand tour.

The BMW R1200GS’ 1170cc Boxer engine is a pleasure to use, while the handling, braking, usability and comfort put this motorcycle in a class of one.

Truly, the Ultimate Riding Machine!

Suzuki Bandit GSF-600

Sukuki Bandit 600 (Blue)The Suzuki GSF600 Bandit was so successful it spawned a whole class. Budget middleweight roadsters. The recipe is simple take one aging but acceptable supersport engine, bung it in a basic, straightforward roadster chassis and price it as keenly as possible. The first Bandits proved best sellers, great for novices and as all-rounders. Latest versions are now 650cc and there’s an all-new engine in 2006. All, including the half-faired versions are great value.

Suzuki Bandit GSF-650

Suzuki Bandit 650 (Black)Take a look again. Yes, that picture really is the new Suzuki Bandit 650, but only a trained Bandit anorak would be able to spot the differences between it and the previous incarnation. The Bandit has come under a bit of fire in recent years as it’s not quite as polished or accomplished as rivals like the Fazer, or Honda’s Hornet. But on its own at the bike’s launch in the Isle of Wight you could be convinced it’s all the bike you’ll ever need, especially in half-faired S specification with optional ABS. The Bandit is the Ford Focus of the bike world and a true all rounder in every sense of the word.

Aprilia Pegaso 650

Pegaso 650Originally launched in 1990, the Pegaso was billed as a road bike with an off-road history. In current terms it’s a dual-sport, neither a pure road bike nor a dedicated off-road bike. In 1997 Aprilia started making both an on-road version and a dual-sport version. The bike is very similar to the BMW F650GS, to the extent that some parts are inter-changeable. Project Pegaso ».