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Wunderlich exhaust valve protector – BMW R1200 GSA

With a view to slowly preparing the GSA for next years Ridearound trip to Iceland involving a significant amount of off road riding I had decided to start fitting a few bits an pieces to the bike to prepare it for the Icelandic trails.  After browsing through the variety of Wunderlich parts available through the Nippy Normans website one of the protection items that I decided to order was a protection plate for the exhaust valve.  This is an aluminium cover that protects the cable operated exhaust valve that in standard guise is protected by a small plastic cover.






Fitting the cover was a simple case of removing the two bolts attaching the current plastic cap to the exhaust flap mechanism.








Although the plastic cover stays in place with and longer replacement bolts an spacers are provided to sit the cover over the exhaust flap mechanism, I can highly recommend removing the cover and applying a liberal coating of WD-40 or ACF50 into the mechanism.  Mine had become coated in mud and grime and the exhaust flap was not opening as smoothly as it should.  I did notice that the bike seemed a lot smoother before it is warmed up now and it definitely doesn’t backfire and pop quite as much when leaving the garage which I am sure my neighbours are happy with!









Once bolted on the cover provides good protection from stones and debris being thrown up from under the bike.  Its not going to provide a huge amount of protection in the event of a collision with a large immovable object but for stopping dammage from smaller objects it looks very sturdy.


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