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Barkbuster hand guards for Project Pegaso

Since we picked up the Aprillia Pegaso a couple of months ago for a bargain price with lofty aspirations of tackling off road challenges that we some of us dare not attempt on the BMWs we have been gradually fixing a few faults with it an generally getting it road worthy and ready to have some off road fun on. After a new set of rear pads, an oil and filter change and a new brake lever it was time to take the bike for its inaugural run through the fields that we had permission to use. Despite only having road tyres on the bike coped with the terrain without to many issues.

Unfortunately after one unnamed member of the team managed to have the lowest speed motorbike crash ever recorded and snapped the clutch lever clean off it became apparent that to turn the Pegaso 650 into a proper off road bike it would need two things – knobley tyres to provide additional grip to help avoid to many accidents and a set of hand guards to avoid snapping off more clutch and brake levers (the existing hand guards provided no protection whatsoever.

After a bit of research we settled on a set of Barkbuster after market hand guards from Adventure-Spec. We had to order the additional B54 Curved Bar Clamp adapter and BTC STD Fitting Kit to fit these to the Pegaso.









The kit consists of a thick aluminum bar with plastic wind deflectors with additional deflector wings that can be added to provide greater protection from the wind. The installation of the Barkbuster hand guards was fairly simple with the plastic wind deflectors are attached to the bars with two screws.


An expanding bolt secures the guard into the end of the bars and a clamp secures the other end to the handlebars.







It did take a little bit of adjustment and a slight repositioning of the front brake fluid reservoir to get the right hand side guard fitted successfully but once all of the bolts were tightened up the guards were fixed in place very solidly.


During a recent weekend some other members of the Ridearound team took the bike out for a trial run through some challenging trails and as can be seen fron the picture below clearly provided some protection during one of many horizontal excursions for the bike!














The Barkbuster hand guards, although quite a bit more expensive that a clutch or brake lever replacement, offer very good levels of protection when the bike is dropped and also provided good protection for the riders hands from stray branches and anything else that can be hit at speed when riding a trail. The only downside so far seems to be the plastic wind guards are only fixed to the metal bar with two small screws and I would not be surprised if the plastic guards get knocked off fairly soon – nothing that a couple of zip ties couldn’t sort out though. Overall if you are looking for a set of aftermarket hand guards for a bit of off road fun on a bike then you won’t go far wrong with these.


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