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Part 1 nearly done

I've pretty much reached the area where I'll be stopping for a couple of days. I decided to stop for a coffee in the sunshine as its turned out to be a great day. Dave should be nearby tomorrow and then Aidy will make…

GS Trophy Qualifier

As the first to depart on the trip, I thought it would be good to show how the weather has changed from warm and sunny before I checked in to wet and miserable! I have a few things to do before the GS Trophy…

Made it to England

The Condor ferry actually managed to cross the English Channel without catching on fire. Now to see how far north I can get before I need to find somewhere to sleep for the night. Tomorrow I need to be just outside Chester first thing so…

Not the best start

So this trip hasn't got off to the best start. I managed to forget my ferry booking confirmation and I didn't collect the chains and locks from Dave to secure the bike once I've picked it up. However with a helping hand from friends and…

Art, a useful test

This is a quick post added from an iOS device. It looks great and makes use of all the geo goodness we developed. I guess we will be posting from the road soon!!

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-04

Just bought a soldering iron,wire brush and anti-rust primer... Must be project pegaso time! #dear car drivers, just because it's foggy doesn't mean you have to drive like idiots! #thinkbike #Just put the anti-rust primer paint on the Pegaso sub-frame. ^AR http://t.co/9CeC8ATC #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-26

Project Pegaso has had its rear sub frame and wiring harness removed http://t.co/qmnPIydl #The Pegaso rear shock needs some attention as do the front fork seals #The new ABR has landed! http://t.co/ptIZSeel #Finished cleaning the wiring loom for the Pegaso. Now I just need to…

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-12

I figured that a red, rapidly flashing warning light rather than an orange one meant I should add air to my tyres! ^SM #another one of the offroading this afternoon http://t.co/BuACmtDe #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-05

On our way to the MCN show at eXcel today. How much will this cost? ^SM ^DB #Just bumped into John McGuiness! He didn't know us though! #Just bumped into Nick Sanders! But he didn't recognise us! #