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Weekend of CBT

Yesterday was the first day of my CBT course which basically involved being shown the basics of a bike and running through the basics of riding a bike. Fortunatly for me the all of the other people on the course where about 10 years younger than me and where all leaning to ride scooters rather than a geared bike meaning that it was only me doing the training for a geared bike which was very useful as I got to spend more time practicing left turns, right turns, hill starts and the ubiquitious shoulder check! Three hours and 15 miles of riding around the playground used for the training and I was glad to be finsihed that. The quick ride around a private car park last week really helped with these drills though.

The training today basically involved an hour or so of classroom training and the watching of a cheesy saftey video that I am sure was made before I was born looking at the bikes and haircuts! Next came the slighly more daunting part – a trip round the island whilst being followed by an instructer. The weather was nice for it and once I got used to the strange voice in my head every two minutes telling where I should go some of the things I picked up yesterday seemed to make much more sense. After what seemed like an eternity, we got back to the CBT centre and I was given the pink slip that indicated I passed and a few tips from the instructor.

Now that I am offically able to ride a bike, I will be off out in a bit to get some more miles in on the hire bike before dropping it back as the sun is out and it is a lovley day for ride!

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Leigh was the last of the group to join the motorcycling fraternity. Rarely the first to leap but not one to be left behind, Leigh has taken the plunge and got himself fully licenced up. He is not what you might think of as a typical biker but you can imagine him pottering through the lanes on a sunny summers day on a 1970s triumph with a tin pot helmet, goggles and a white scarf flying behind him.