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Oakley Spin 2009

Sunday 5th July saw the Oakley Spin take to the roads of Guernsey once again. This is an annual charity event in which motorcyclists ride around the island to raise money and awareness for the Oakley Waterman Caravan Foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to make holiday caravans available for terminally ill children in Guernsey to provide a place where they can stay and enjoy some quality time for the whole family. This was the wish of Oakley Waterman, although he unfortunately passed away before the first Oakley Spin in 2005.

This year there was an estimated 370+ bikes of all types including scooters, mopeds, sports bikes, big tourers, custom trikes. The organisers haven’t announced an estimated amount raised but last years Oakley Spin raised about £2000 from 300 riders.

The organisation of the event was done by the Full-Boar Motorcycle Club seemed a lot better than previous years. I’ve heard people complain about riders on previous spins messing around, pulling wheelies and doing burn-outs. This year, however, there were police motorcycles mixing in with the rest of the riders which seemed to calm down any stupidity. There was also much better marshalling at junctions which meant the whole procession flowed much more smoothly – I only put my foot down three times in a one hours ride, which is unheard of in Guernsey!

This year the Full-Boar MC is also putting the proceeds of their annual Hog-Wash event towards the Oakley Waterman foundation.

There were several people along the course filming the bikes passing by. Here are a few that have been posted on YouTube. You can spot me on the top video at about 4:01, there are two R1200GS yellow/silver bikes – I’m the second one. Leigh is the second bike after me, behind the big tourer.

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Aidy has been riding motorbikes since just after he left university in 2003. His first bike was a 1988 Suzuki GSX-R750 bought for £1000. His second bike was a Suzuki GSF600 Bandit, bought for his adventure to Norway in 2005. Two years later he sold the Bandit to Shane (for him to learn on) and upgrade to a BMW R1200GS... which was promptly trashed one month later by a SMIDSY. Having had the R1200GS repaired, Aidy has spent the next three years giving it a damn good thrashing off-road. 2011 saw the R1200GS take to the remote tracks and desert pistes of Morocco... it managed to keep up with the 650 enduro bikes that make up the rest of the group and made it back to Guernsey in (mostly) one piece. In January 2012, he traded in the R1200GS for a new R1200GS Adventure, planning to use the Pegaso 650 for off-road racing. However, the lure of smaller enduro bikes proved too strong and in April 2012 purchased a BMS G450X