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New toy – part 2

Well as per my previous post, I have just brought a new toy.  It is a new Suzuki GSF 650 Bandit in black :-).  On Saturday myself and Shane had popped up to Duques Garage and after a lot of walking between the the 650 and the 650S version with the half fairing and studying the brochure I decided to go for the normal Bandit over the S version.  As they had one in the spec and colour I wanted in the showroom it means that I should be able to get the bike delivered to me Saturday or maybe even earlier once the PDI has been completed.  On top of that I also managed to strike a deal and get a nice discount on a proper jacket and set of waterproof trousers which should keep me nice and warm when out on the bike in future.

I did not think about taking any photos of my new toy whilst it was sat in the showroom but if you are curious it looks something like this.

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