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Mowing his first path

Leigh could not have asked for better weather for his CBT! I am quite jealous as I went out in a storm! Either way, the boy Brookes done good! Well done, mate! To celebrate his success and get the most out of his week-end rental, Leigh came round on the lawn mower (bike in front below!), and we headed out for a couple of hours.

Leigh and Shane

It was such good fun going nowhere, I can’t wait for someone else to get a working bike. At this point I am the only person that can go out. From my short experience, it is more interesting when there is someone else around. This could be due to the classic sound of Leigh’s single cylinder or the indicator ticker that I could hear from my bike. But in all seriousness, I think we had a good afternoon… here’s to next ride!

Leighs Lawnmower

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Shane Marriott

Shane has a hunger for adventure that neither his wallet, free time nor other-half will support. Ever the optimist, after riding a Suzuki Bandit 600 for a few years and completing a Level 1 Advanced course at the "World of BMW" school in Wales he has put his money where is mouth is and invested in a brand new, fully spec'd BMW R1200GS Adventure ("30 Years GS" version). It is planned that this awesome machine will take him round Iceland, help him win the HUMM event and get safely to the beer festival in Germany! So; is Shane ready for the Adventure? I think we need to ask if the Adventure is ready for him?