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First time riding a bike

Leigh’s new helmet

This afternoon Shane bravely agreed to let me have a practice ride on his bike around an area of private land.

After a run through of the basics and what buttons and levers did what I took my first tentative steps on a motorbike… least I would have done if I had not stalled it the first few times :-) .

After a few laps of the area I had a much better idea of how things worked and I think I was slowly getting the hang of the basics which should hopefully prove very useful next week during the CBT.

We also had a go at the theory test that Dave brought earlier and between us managed to score a respectable 45 / 50 so with a bit of reading up and a practice exam or two I might even get round to booking the theory test at some point.Leigh’s first ride

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Leigh Brookes

Leigh was the last of the group to join the motorcycling fraternity. Rarely the first to leap but not one to be left behind, Leigh has taken the plunge and got himself fully licenced up. He is not what you might think of as a typical biker but you can imagine him pottering through the lanes on a sunny summers day on a 1970s triumph with a tin pot helmet, goggles and a white scarf flying behind him.