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CBT preperations

I finally made some progress on Friday with the CBT preperations on Friday. I now have my provisional licence applied for and have the all important orange slip before my revised licence is sent out to me. It took a little longer than the 10 minutes that Shane spent down there thats for sure but at least it is sorted now. I also took a trip down to a local motorcycle retailer on the way back and brought a helmet and gloves. I am currently waiting for them to call me back to confirm that they have a bike I cn hire and also to let me know whether I can use their insurance policy for the CBT or whether I need my own.

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Leigh Brookes

Leigh was the last of the group to join the motorcycling fraternity. Rarely the first to leap but not one to be left behind, Leigh has taken the plunge and got himself fully licenced up. He is not what you might think of as a typical biker but you can imagine him pottering through the lanes on a sunny summers day on a 1970s triumph with a tin pot helmet, goggles and a white scarf flying behind him.