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Bike update

I just realised that it has been a little while since my last post on here when I said that I had just brought a new toy so I thought I would post an update on everything bike related since the last post so in no particular order:

I have now done nearly 1000 miles on the bike and apart from the few miles in the wet it has been a lot of fun (locking front wheels under braking and not realising that you are riding over a wet man hole cover until you almost need to pop home and change your trousers does not make for an enjoyable ride 😛 )

The bike has had it’s first service by the local Suzuki dealer – those 600 miles certainly flew by!

I have finally decided to buy some proper summer riding gloves just as summer ends and it starts raining again.  They are nice and think kangaroo leather and make it much easier to work the handlebar controls unlike my original gloves which were roughly comparable to oversize boxing gloves.

I have also passed my theory test today so will be looking to book my pratical test at some point and then the proper trip planning can start!

I have also just realised that I do not have any pictures of my bike up yet so I will try to sort that out when the weather is dry and I have a few spare minutes to take some pictures.

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Leigh was the last of the group to join the motorcycling fraternity. Rarely the first to leap but not one to be left behind, Leigh has taken the plunge and got himself fully licenced up. He is not what you might think of as a typical biker but you can imagine him pottering through the lanes on a sunny summers day on a 1970s triumph with a tin pot helmet, goggles and a white scarf flying behind him.