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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-26

  • Project Pegaso has had its rear sub frame and wiring harness removed #
  • The Pegaso rear shock needs some attention as do the front fork seals #
  • The new ABR has landed! #
  • Finished cleaning the wiring loom for the Pegaso. Now I just need to find some Molex terminals to repair damaged connectors. #
  • This isn't a good look for an electrical connector – maybe the cause of blown fuses? #
  • Had trouble tracking down the broken wire on the wiring diagram until I realised I should be looking for N(ero)/G(iallo) #speakenglish #
  • Anyone know where I can get Molex electical connector pins on Guernsey? Don't say Auto-Elec/Lucas, they're worse than useless! #
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