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Norway Adventure

In 2005, Aidy headed off on the Bandit for a 3 week trip of which the highlight was 16 days spent touring 1900 miles through Norway.
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Norway Return Route Completed

I’ve finally finished my return route through Norway at the end of my summer holiday last year (2005).  Its taken approximately 10 hours to create and I’ve included both the route I actually took and the route I would have taken if I hadn’t crashed. I’ve also included notes about memorable parts of the trip, places I stayed over-night (or didn’t as...

Famous Number Plate

As some of you may be aware I took a holiday in Norway last summer. A smaller sub-set of you may have heard my story of how I got stopped by a couple of eager “number plate spotters” as I left the docks in Bergen. It seems that my bike was the first bike they had seen with a Guernsey number plate and this was rather exciting for them. Being the...

Return From Norway

I’m back from my three week holiday to Norway but my bike isn’t!It’s a long story so I’ll fill you in about it later. Share This

Hows That List Going?

Whilst writing the previous post I came across my list of stuff to do for my holiday to Norway. So lets see how I’m doing so far: Plan route (I’m leaving this one to dad) Buy Guernsey->UK tickets Buy UK->Norway tickets Buy new motorcycle helmet Buy intercom unit Buy bike luggage Service bike Install intercom unit & bike alarm Locate possible...

When Does A Journey Begin?

Most people will answer this with a simple “When you’ve packed your bags and are walking out of the door!”. But is that really the answer? Maybe the question I’m asking is a bit more metaphysical or rhtorical.For me, my current journey started some time earlier this year when I decided to embark on a motorcycle touring holiday to Norway this summer. ...

Speeding fines makes International news

It appears that the news of Norway increasing its speeding fines has made it into the international papers.From February the already astronomical speeding fines will be hiked up a further 30% to 7,800 kroner (£660).Not that I’m planning to speed. But then I neveer planned to speed in Guernsey… but these things occasionally happen. Share...