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England Ease-in

Before heading off on his big adventure to Norway, Aidy thought it would be a good idea to try a shorter trip to the UK to make sure he could cope with hours of riding. This is the story of what happened.
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Holiday Snaps

Holiday Snaps

Apr 1, 2005

When I went on holiday last weekend I took my camera with my, fully intending to stop as often as possible to take pictures of the scenery from the seat of my bike. These are the results: As you can probably tell, the joy of riding got the better of me. The result being that I was so in awe of my bike I only took pictures of that when I could finally drag...

Damn Pesky Kids

Continuing from earlier… when I arrived at Poole harbour on Monday afternoon I was tired and hungry as I’d been riding all morning and hadn’t eat since breakfast as I was unable to get to Bucklers Hard in the New Forest. All I wanted was to be able to sit down and have something to eat.That wasn’t to be though, as soon as I had parked up my bike I and...

Last Ride In The UK

My last ride of the holiday in the UK was from Cheltenham down to Poole so I could catch the ferry to come home again. The ferry wasn’t until 4:00pm so I decided to set off earlier in the morning so that I could spend some time in the New Forest and possibly go down to Bucklers Hard (an old ship building yard thats now a museum). I managed to follow my...

Adventure To Nottingham

Adventure To Nottingham

Mar 29, 2005

Easter Sunday I decided to take a trip to Nottingham (my uncle, with whom I was staying, had prior engagements), so I hoped on my bike and set off on the 100 mile journey. The first stop I made was about a mile outside of Cheltenham. I’d finally had enough of the microphone in my helmet and so ripped it out… I left the headphones in so I could listen to my...

A Slight Detour

After finally leaving Portsmouth (see previous post) I eventually made it to cheltenham in about 2 hours. Thats not bad going seeing as how I missed my exit from the M4(?) motorway and decided to take a random scenic route through the Cotswolds and then after, finally, getting to the M5 I managed to take the exit before the one I wanted.Please don’t ask how...

I Made It To England

But I’ve already had my first two f**k-ups.The crossing itself was rather un-eventfull, met a couple of my sisters friends and had a beer in the bar last night. However, this morning whislt buying breakfast I managed to leave me switch card on the boat. I’m currently at the ferry terminal waiting to see if they can find it.It wasn’t until I took a wrong...