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Aidy has been riding motorbikes since just after he left university in 2003. His first bike was a 1988 Suzuki GSX-R750 bought for £1000. His second bike was a Suzuki GSF600 Bandit, bought for his adventure to Norway in 2005. Two years later he sold the Bandit to Shane (for him to learn on) and upgrade to a BMW R1200GS... which was promptly trashed one month later by a SMIDSY. Having had the R1200GS repaired, Aidy has spent the next three years giving it a damn good thrashing off-road. 2011 saw the R1200GS take to the remote tracks and desert pistes of Morocco... it managed to keep up with the 650 enduro bikes that make up the rest of the group and made it back to Guernsey in (mostly) one piece. In January 2012, he traded in the R1200GS for a new R1200GS Adventure, planning to use the Pegaso 650 for off-road racing. However, the lure of smaller enduro bikes proved too strong and in April 2012 purchased a BMS G450X

Gear: GPS Trackers

Gear: GPS Trackers

Feb 26, 2014

When I made the decision to go on a big adventure along the Trans-Canadian Adventure Trail (TCAT), one of the first things that sprang to mind was personal safety. Sure, I’ve done trips in Europe and into the desert in Morocco but these have always either been within mobile phone signal range, or with a group and only an hour or two from hospital should...

Planning Progress – February 2013

Planning Progress – February 2013

Feb 11, 2014

I had a minor panic last night. I had a sinking feeling that I hadn’t done anything constructive towards the planning for my trip for at least a week. In fact I haven’t even got a firm date for when I’m setting off yet! Is that a big deal at this time? Given an estimated depature date of 28th May, I’ve still got over a hundred days to...

My Chosen Destination: Canada

My Chosen Destination: Canada

Jan 14, 2014

When choosing where to go on my adventure I had a choice of two destinations: Globebusters – London to Bangkok On my own – Canada, Alaska Globebusters was my first thought. The are several very compelling reasons why I might have chosen to do this trip with with Globebusters. Firstly, the route they are doing is one that I would love to ride. ...

Am I ready for this?

One of the hardest parts of planning this adventure so far is Has been deciding where I should go, for how long and whether to do it on my own or book myself on a guided group trip. Any one that knows me well will testify to the fact that I’m a chronic procrastinator; although I prefer to think of it as optimised living – I only make decisions and do...

Idea for an Adventure is Born

Background Hi, I’m Adrian. I’ve been working software engineer on the tiny island of Guernsey somewhere between France and England since I left University in 2003: When I strated my working life, I also bought my first motorbike. Back then I didn’t realise just how central riding a bike would become in my life. My first foray into motorbike...

Coffee stop

We’re only 20 minutes away from the BMF Show camp site but following some interesting overtaking manoeuvres, Dave thought it would be a good idea to stop for a coffee break (and to clean his pants!!)… Although he doesn’t actually want a coffee now!